Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety Specialist.

The main behavioural problem that I deal with is separation anxiety and isolation distress. This behaviour is becoming increasingly common, especially since the pandemic. Unfortunately, there are still a huge amount of dog trainers suggesting we just leave dogs to panic and ‘cry it out’ or that we lock them into crates and hope they calm down.



There is a better and kinder way to help your dog. True separation anxiety will never be resolved by continuing to leave your stressed dog and hoping they calm themselves down. We need to treat separation anxiety for what it is- a panic disorder, similar to claustrophobia in humans.



The vast majority of my work in separation anxiety is conducted online, through virtual consults. This allows me to easily observe the dog, without impacting behaviour through my physically being there. This also allows me to work with people all over the world!


As a pack animal it is not surprising that our dogs suffer from anxiety when they are apart from members of the family. Unfortunately periods of separation are a reality of modern day living, and so properly preparing your dog to be happy when left alone is really important. Separation anxiety is a really complexed, multifactorial problem that requires help from a qualified specialist. This is not a ‘quick fix’ problem and it’s so so important to treat the dog holistically- not just the symptoms!




Luckily, there are methods to reduce this anxiety your pet experiences, allowing them instead to stay relaxed and calm. I will work with you to identify whats going wrong in your pets psychology and how to best work towards altering this.



If you’d like to watch my free 1 hour webinar all about separation anxiety (what is it, how to fix it, when to involve a trainer and more), you can use this link to sign up the the academy free trial:


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I am based between two separate locations where I split my time equally- Buckhurst Hill, Essex, and also Newcastle. I can easily reach most of the M11 corridor including Woodford, Loughton, Epping, Hertford, Chelmsford, Harlow, Bishops Stortford, Saffron Walden and East London. Whilst in newcastle I can cover anywhere within an hours drive from Jesmond.



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