Dog Behaviour

‘My dog is absolutely perfect except for when…’ is the most common line I hear in dealing with behavioural cases. Perhaps your dog barks excessively at the door, is anxious around strangers or just can’t seem to crack toilet training. Whatever the problem, I am here to reassure you there is a solution and nearly all problem behaviours can be modified.


I offer a fully tailored 1-2-1 in home dog training service. During the first session together I carry out a holistic assessment of the dog and carefully examine every aspect of the behavioural issues you’re experiencing. Having experienced hundreds of cases of dogs with all manor of issues ranging from severe anxiety to aggression I know just how important it is to find out as much as possible about the individual case before any behavioural modification begins.


This process ensures I am giving you the most comprehensive behavioural consultation possible.


After this we discuss your options in taking steps to begin training that will start to alleviate the problems you’re facing, as well as any lifestyle changes if appropriate.


Ultimately I succeed in teaching owners how to train their dog- giving people the tools to modify their pets behaviour themselves. I want to teach you how to spend the most time possible enjoying your pets. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than restoring harmony in people’s relationships with ‘man’s best friend’.


In my opinion the best way to make lasting changes to your dogs behaviour is to come into your home and teach you how to do this yourself. In my 1-2-1 Behavioural Consultation I endeavour to find the root cause of the unwanted behaviour and devise a plan of how to teach you how to better communicate to your dog that this behaviour is unwanted.


I teach balanced dog training, scientifically proven methods of operant conditioning that includes mainly positive reinforcement but also corrections when necessary. Ultimately I am here to build a lasting, working relationship between you and your dog through my consistently calm but authoritive approach.


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