Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Giving your puppy the best possible start to life means making a jump-start with training! It is never too soon to start training your puppy. In fact, the first few weeks are the most important in the dogs whole life.



The first year contains critical periods of development where puppies learn about the world more quickly than at any other point. Socialisation and relationship building through training, and appropriate guidance at this early age is key to shaping the way your dog interacts with people and dogs in the future.



24 Hour Support



My specialist area of dog training is in guiding new dog owners through this critical period.


I provide a one of a kind 24 hour service where I am available at any time to answer questions or concerns during these first few weeks. From helping you choose the right crate, to answering panicked questions on toilet training, I am here to help.



It is this reliable on-call support that really helps new dog owners to relax into the experience and enjoy this time with their puppy!

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“Annie has been instrumental in helping us understand our cavapoo and giving us confidence in our training. It has given us reassurance to have Annie available to ask quick questions and she always has sound words of advice on toilet training, crating, exercise and whatever else is needed to make sure we are bringing up our new puppy in the best possible way.”


-Praveen, Epping (Deluxe Puppy Package )

How Can I Help You?


I offer both a pay-as-you-go option, and a bulk buy of discounted classes (please see my ‘Puppy Packages’ on the left).


Puppy Packages are my most popular option as we can work through a whole range of behaviours (nipping, toilet training, crating) whilst forming basic obedience and the all the foundations for the dogs later life.


Sometimes, people are confident with managing their puppy but want to address an issue they’re struggling with and this is where I suggest booking a single session.


Give me a call if your unsure and we can talk more about your options!

What makes me different to traditional dog training?

To me, there is nothing better than enhancing the relationship between owner and dog. Allowing people to better enjoy and deepen their relationship with pets is my ultimate work. Puppy training is all about starting off on the right foot- in fact my ‘best’ clients have their first session before welcoming their puppy home! This allows us to set up lasting routines and a strong relationship from the get go.


Puppies are a joy but they definitely come with their own unique challenges! It’s normal to feel confused with the huge wealth of information and conflicting opinions online. By working on a 121 basis with you we will find an approach that both suits the individual puppy and your lifestyles.


Traditional methods of dog training teach that we must forcefully dominate our pets, constantly asserting ourselves as Alpha. Whilst it is important to practice leadership, I believe in a consistently patient and calm approach that allows puppies (and eventually dogs!) to exist in harmony with us. With the correct knowledge and tools, you can do this too.

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I am based in Buckhurst Hill, Essex. I can easily reach most of the M11 corridor including Woodford, Loughton, Epping, Hertford, Chelmsford, Harlow, Bishops Stortford, Saffron Walden and East London.



Here to help with practical, positive training that provides lasting results to all breeds, ages and behavioural issues.

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