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The Early Years

Since as long as I can remember i’ve always been absolutely obsessed with dogs (in fact, at one point I was convinced I actually was one.) Growing up around many different types of dogs and training them, as well as working through their unique behavioural issues further developed this love of the animal and inspired my later academic pursuits. I found that I was able to understand exactly what dogs were attempting to communicate, through unconsciously recognising subtle shifts in their body language and energy. In the absence of language it was clear to see these animals had alternative, more primitive, but by no means less sophisticated ways of communicating. People told me their dog was ‘just stubborn’ or ‘naughty’ and I was able to point out what was actually happening from the dogs point of view and mend this lack of understanding. By translating what was really going on inside the dogs brain back to the owners, I could often resolve behavioural problems they had been struggling with for years and mend fractured relationships. From here I decided I wanted a greater understanding of exactly how and why dogs were behaving in these ways, which led me to study their behaviour professionally to help owners and dogs alike.

Higher Education

I’m a graduate of Exeter University in Animal Behaviour where I studied for four years, including one years study in South Carolina. Currently I am based between Waltham Abbey, Essex and Falmouth, Cornwall, covering behavioural issues in Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridge, East London and Cornwall. My studies and experience working with animals allowed me to develop a scientific, evidence based approach to working with animals. This coupled with continued work experience and research into the scientific basis of behaviour have allowed me to really refine my approach to dog behaviour and training.

And now?

My job now is simple, I modify dog behaviour by helping the owners to better communicate with their dogs. This ranges from addressing severe anxiety to training a strong recall. I pride myself on being a balanced trainer, using positive reinforcement based training wherever possible, whilst realising this cannot effectively change every behaviour, and thus, sometimes appropriate corrections are necessary. Every case I see is different and for this reason I say that I am always learning. To me, being a good dog trainer/ behaviourist is about having a tool kit of solutions available to you- not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Part of what makes me successful in this field is my compassion for the owners as well as the dogs I see. I am well aware of the distress and heart break that can come from dealing with a behavioural problem on a daily basis. Most important to my work is restoring harmony in the lives of the owners in whatever way I can. There is no judgement, laying blame or ‘telling off’- we all do the best we can from the knowledge we have and it is my job to help you on that educational journey. My primary purpose is to bring peace back into the house, to make you LOVE your dog, and look forward to a stonger relationship.

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What makes me different?

To me, there is nothing better than enhancing the relationship between owner and dog. Allowing people to better enjoy and deepen their relationship with pets is my ultimate work. From obedience training to dealing with challenging or aggressive cases, strengthening the bond between canine and humans is always the end goal.


In most cases of misbehaving dogs, it can be a simple case of miscommunication between owner and pet, with my expertise and guidance I can help turn things around and help build lasting relationship with your dog.


Traditional methods of dog training teach that we must forcefully dominate our pets, constantly asserting ourselves as Alpha. Whilst it is important to practice leadership, I believe in a consistently patient and calm approach that allows dogs to recognise me as their chosen leader. With the correct knowledge and tools, you can do this too.


Central to my teachings is the importance of first listening to what the dog has to say. As a detached observer I am often able to pinpoint the stressor triggering the dog’s unwanted behaviour. From here, plan an achievable course of action for to renew a loving obedient relationship.

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Based in Waltham Abbey, Essex, I can easily reach most of the M11 corridor including Woodford, Loughton, Enfield Hertford, Chelmsford, Harlow, Bishops Stortford, Saffron Walden and Cambridge.


Here to help with practical, positive training that provides lasting results to all breeds, ages and behavioural issues.

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