Easy Recall (Come Back!)


Without a doubt the most important thing you can train your dog is to come back to you when called, however its probably one of the most common things I get called in to help with!

There is nothing more enjoyable as a dog owner than watching your dog enjoy freedom off the lead, but this can become a very dangerous walk if your dog does not reliably come back every time.


Some dogs and owners undoubtedly struggle more with this training process and it is in these cases that my experience, and knowledge of relevant tricks and tips comes in handy. To harness your dogs potential here we need to find what motivates him (what is he often running towards?) and find a way to use this to our advantage. Learning how to properly time and vary your reinforcement is key in this process and another big part of what we will focus on.


With gentle persistence and the right knowledge, your dog will be bouncing back to you every time

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