Doggy Daycare Licensing Regulations

New licensing regulations were put into place on 1st October 2018. You can read them here:

These new rules apply to doggy day care centres and are known as the Animal Activities Licensing Regulations 2018 (AAL).


These rules affect things such as:


  • Number of dogs allowed on site
  • Staff Qualifications needed
  • Appropriate use of crates
  • Intact dogs
  • Separate rules for puppies
  • How to screen/ assess dogs
  • Record keeping
  • Building design



In light of these changes, I have created a Staff Training Policy. This document is free to use for all dog daycare type facilities!


This is a great tool to show you have a policy in place regarding staff training, monitoring of dogs behaviour, puppy policies, behavioural changes, induction of new dogs and much more.


Click the below link to view, save and share.


CLICK HERE- Daycare Protocal doc.





This document is the property of Ani-Mal Dog Behaviourist and should not be edited in any way or used for anything other than the above mentioned purpose.