Crate Training

Crate Training

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Dog owners choose to crate their pets for a number of reasons. Personally, I believe that when used correctly, crates are an excellent tool. Owning a puppy or dog that is comfortable being crated for an hour or so during the day can be absolutely essential in teaching the dog what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. I for one, know the success and relationship that can be built when a puppies first few weeks around the home are properly supervised. This allows us to positively reinforce what we like, whilst redirecting bad behaviours- such as chewing or toiling indoors. It is impossible for most of us to be able to supervise our pets at every waking moment and this is where a crate provides a safe space and invaluable tool for rest and ‘down-time’.


Not every dog and indeed not every owner will feel comfortable using a crate initially and its here that I step in and help. In just a couple of 1-2-1 sessions I teach you the proper techniques behind teaching your puppy or dog to enjoy the experience of being crated. Done correctly, this space provides a kind of den or rest area and need not be any kind of negative experience. No dog is ever too old to learn how.

Every dog is different, but can always be treated with my simple step by step plan.  Save yourself the time and aggravation- get in touch today.

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